We work with people who have a creative background in design or have an interest in learning new design related skills. We collectively devise projects that are relevant to them and their interests. Through participatory design projects we facilitate opportunities for co-learning and skills-sharing  for professional development in order to rebuild confidence, networks and portfolios.  All the projects we work on aim to promote social cohesion. 

The people we work with are predominantly migrants and refugees that have been displaced due to conflict. Our central office space allows us to also make these opportunities accessible to locals as well, giving opportunity for people to meet through shared interests and goals.


There are many ways you can help:



Regular donations, however small, help ensure our long term sustainability.

We  work on a voluntary basis and 100% of your donation goes towards project costs, bringing creative training opportunities to both refugees and locals that promote psycho-social wellbeing and social cohesion.


Are you passionate about the power of design and education to instigate positive change? If so, why not do some fundraising for us?

We rely on private donations and there are lots of innovative ways to inspire people to donate. 


We have created an Amazon Wish List for in-kind donations. If you would like to send us a gift, please see our home page for postal details.

Or even better, stop by to say hi and deliver it in person!