Sounds of Lesvos: an audio workshop about sound + place

in collaboration with metaLAB Harvard.


Photographic Image-making Workshop

This 4 day photographic workshop brought together an international group to investigate the importance of places and the stories they tell.

Participants developed individual projects inspired by Mytilene and developed these into short photographic essays printed using cyanotype, an alternative manual printing technique.

The personal narratives were displayed to the public in a celebratory exhibition and compiled into a beautiful book by Rita Gaspar, who led the workshop.

ECF Idea Camp in Madrid

ECF's third Idea Camp, co-produced with Platoniq and the City of Madrid was a three day event bringing together 50 idea makers, guest experts and facilitators to workshop and develop projects that are aiming to build societies with greater equality, sustainability and solidarity, and a stronger sense of social justice.

We were honoured for the ODD project to be selected to participate as one of the ideas. It was an enlivening and productive few days spent with a truely inspiring group of inidividuals. More here.



Photo by Lucrezia Fiorito

Clothes Washing + Drying Research Project with Impact Through Innovation Cambridge (ITIC)

Impact Through Innovation Cambridge (ITIC) is a student society based at the University of Cambridge that brings together multidisciplinary teams of students to develop innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

They are currently developing an off-grid clothes dryer to be distributed to sites of accommodation for refugees and migrants in Greece.

We are supporting their efforts by coordinating primary research and feedback.

Future Architecture Platform: 
match-making conference in Ljubljana

Future Architecture is the first pan-European platform of architecture museums, festivals and producers, bringing ideas on the future of cities and architecture closer to the wider public.

We presented at this unique 2 day event bringing together practitioners and institutional representatives to explore potential collaborations across various Future Architecture Platform activities. More here.

Documentary Film-making Workshop

This intensive 5 day workshop for beginners brought together members from both the displaced and host community to discuss and create around themes of vulnerability, resilience and self-esteem.

Each participant created an individual short film expressing a broad range of issues from hopes and dreams, to integration in schools, to contrasts in experiences of the built environment.

Participants were surprised to discover the similarities they shared in their experiences of these concepts.

Participatory Construction at the Olive Grove

The Olive Grove is a collaborative program facilitated by ODD as part of a Danish Red Cross Psychosocial Support Initiative. It engages men to create an outdoor cinema and gym next to Moria camp on Lesvos.

ODD devised a community based program engaging the target group in twice-weekly design and light construction training sessions including: proper tool usage and care, safety, and reading/ creating technical drawings. 



2016-08-08 16.50.01.jpg

Pilot Project

Working with a small group of residents from Kara Tepe camp, we ran a short series of mini-projects to test interest levels and identify the priorities and focus areas considered to be important, focusing on how we could collectively create positive change.

Participants emphasised the importance of having a professional place of work to go to and that they enjoyed the collaborative nature of the way projects were conceived and delivered.

The test also highlighted a desire to leave the camp grounds and that they felt a sense of isolation from the local Greek community.