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Designing Alternative Tours of Lesvos

What is this workshop about?
During this workshop you will design an alternative tour (an experience) for an audience that you will choose. The aim of the tour is to encourage new interactions with the environment, people or communities on Lesvos. The tour could be a visual guide, audio guide, or a walking tour, for example.

The goal for this workshop will be to develop a prototype (an early version) of the tour. At the end of the workshop, we will invite members of the public to experience the prototype and submit feedback. The final day of the workshop aims to process this feedback and decide on next steps.

Who is this for?
This workshop is open to anyone that has an interest in storytelling or design, or who simply enjoys exploring places in different ways.

You do not need to have previous experience but you must be able to take part in basic conversations in English.

What will you learn?
- ‘Design thinking’- a creative process for thinking through and testing ideas.
- Some tools for thinking about what your "customers" or audience are thinking, and how to design a nice experience for them.
- Skills to make your tour, for example: photography, video making, audio, facilitation, etc.
- Practise working in a group.

What is provided?
- We will provide all the materials you need to complete your projects
- Refreshments and snacks will be available
- We can also provide bus tickets so you are able to travel to the office and back

To apply: please answer the following questions and reply to:

  1. Name and age

  2. Language(s) and level, (beginner, intermediate, advanced, native)

  3. Confirm you are able to attend all 8 days of the workshop

  4. Do you have access to a smartphone? (not essential)

  5. Tell us about yourself and why you want to attend (please write a short paragraph)

Wednesday 26th: 1pm: Welcome lunch
2-6pm/ Introduction + Idea Development

- Developing work environment
- Introduction to the aims of project
- Possibilities + restrictions
- Developing the tour: selecting themes/ audience

Friday 28th: 2-6pm/ Rapid Prototyping
- Action planning
- Select style of tour and identify what skills are needed
- On location: research + making

Sunday 30th: 2-6pm/ Testing Session
- All groups testing the tours
- Constructive feedback session: identify improvements/ changes

Monday 31st: 2-6pm
- Tour development

Wednesday 2nd: 2-6pm
- Tour development + testing

Friday 4th:
- Finalising details
- Designing audience feedback collection method

*Saturday 5th: morning (time to be confirmed)
- Tour prototype ‘experience’ open to the public

Monday 7th: 4-6pm
- Feedback session + next steps

*After the close of the workshop there will be opportunities for individuals and groups to continue working on projects. This will be arranged on a case by case basis.