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Composition & Reflection
Sami, Afghanistan

This collection of images is Sami’s first experiment in photographic storytelling and using a manual camera. In his discovery of this new medium, he has focused on creating strong compositions and capturing reflections.

Mentor: Tamara, Slovenia

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Let’s Talk Greek Logo Design
Fairuz, Eritrea

Graphic Design

This is the first graphic design project for Fairuz. Designing for one of her peers who became ‘the client’ she was tasked to create a graphic style for a project entitled Let’s Talk Greek. After an initial research she created a logo, business card, and poster- first by hand sketching and then using free online design software. She incorporated feedback from meetings with her client to refine her designs.   

Mentor: Claire, United States

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Let’s Talk Greek
Hadi, Afghanistan

This video series aims to teach Greek to Farsi speakers. Hadi sourced feedback from existing and potential users through in person interviews and online comments. Apart from this, his project focused on the technical side of video editing and learning how to use specific equipment such a microphones.


Mentor: Cedric, France

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Learn & Teach Others
Enayat, Afghanistan
Film-making + Graphic Design

Learn & Teach Others is an informational messaging project incorporating filmmaking and graphic design to communicate the negative effects of smoking.

Mentor: Janet, Netherlands

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I am Victor
Victor, Nigeria
Creative Writing and Publication Design

I am Victor is a collection of creative writings and illustrations that aim to communicate a personal point of view and approach to the challenges of life. To reach his goal of writing with more focus and clarity, Victor developed a work plan and took advantage of the feedback of others which he incorporated into each piece. Members of the ODD Drawing Club contributed illustrations that were combined to create this publication.

Mentor: Lucie, Czech Republic

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Office of Displaced Designers Branding
Qasem, Afghanistan
Graphic Design

This hypothetical re-branding was approached using project development methods from professional practice. After initial conversations with the client, design ideas were developed into a logo, business card, and letterhead package.

Mentor: Christophe, France

The Greatness of Nature
Christiana, Sierra Leone
Audiovisual Design

The Greatness of Nature is an audiovisual exploration of the power of nature and the feelings of calm it can invoke. This is the first audiovisual project for Christiana that uses her own photographs, poetry, and sound recordings.

Mentor: Justyna, Poland


Light & Nature
Enayat, Afghanistan

This photo series explores the diverse and magical qualities of light and nature and how different camera settings can be used to capture and manipulate them.

Mentor: Babis, Greece