I was taught a lot about photography but I also learnt something about how i see life.
— Amad- participant
It was a wonderful feeling with all of you and a beautiful feeling that combines past and present.
— Aya- participant
I’m glad I had the opportunity to collaborate in such an open environment of sharing. Sharing skills, time, places and stories, while building up a beautiful dynamic of friendship and support. I’m so thankful I got to meet these special and strong people- I feel like the teacher has learnt more than the students.
— Rita- lead facilitator

Prosperity means places
- Gracen Johnson

Everyone sort of knows intuitively what a great place is.                 

It’s more than just a piece of land or a building,

Places have meaning. They are the sights of regularly human activity – like living, working, shopping and eating.

Places make us linger, and because of that we form enduring connections with them.

But places also change.
Because of the highway or the recession,
immigration or gentrification.

They change because of technology and globalisation
and because people change too.

They take on new meanings like conflict, nostalgia, exclusion, romance, and solidarity.

We all know what great places are.
Not because they feel the same, but because they feel at all.

And they don’t always need to be pretty, they just need to be human.