Creative Mentoring Program (Pilot)

-with ECF

Aspiring creatives (proteges) based on Lesvos were matched with practicing international design-professionals (mentors) who supported individual projects during a three month program. Proteges became active members of an inspiring creative community in diverse disciplines including photography, film-making and architecture and developed projects. In addition to weekly meetings with their mentors, proteges received in-office support from ODD staff, took part in a field trip to Molyvos to explore their projects in a different context, and had monthly meet-ups. Mentors were able to use their skills to support the mission of ODD from remote locations and join a community of like-minded individuals spread across the globe.

The resulting protege projects were featured in a closing exhibit. Click the image on this page to view their works.

*The research undertaken to develop this ideas was supported by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF).

Protege Projects